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Svitlana's dream to have bigger housing has come true!
21 December 2021
On one of the mornings of December 2020, during the charity fundraising race # 280km28dniv28000, Svitlana, 28 year old single mother of four children and Berezhany orphanage graduate shared her though ... Read more...

St. Nicholas greeted 146 children of Ternopil area
19 December 2021
For St. Nicholas Day volunteers drove 725 km.(450miles) of the Ternopil region to greet and give presents to 146 children. 80 of them are orphans and children deprived of parental care, children with ... Read more...

17 orphan students received Yevhen Hlywa Scholarship
14 October 2021
"I am glad to be a scholarship holder. I will use this scholarship to get a higher education, and for learning English, says scholarship holder Oleksandr Koptsyukh. ... Read more...

Birthday greetings of July, August and September orphans
30 September 2021
"Dreams come true if you believe in them strongly, although I didnt think that my little dream would really be realized without good people", - shares Mykhaylo. ... Read more...

Rewards to orphanage children for their artworks
23 September 2021
An important day for 15 children, pupils of Nove Selo special school, which is located 55 km. from the city of Ternopil, in the village of Nove Selo, Pidvolochysk district, Ternopil region. ... Read more...

Magic Carpathians for Orphanage Children
20 September 2021
Twenty two children from Berezhany and Ternopil state run institutions will remember an unforgettable trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians, thanks to the indifferent 30 kind people. From September 17th t ... Read more...

Supported orphanage graduates 2021
28 August 2021
This day has come! An intriguing moment and at the same time joyful for fifteen graduates of orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region, because they received such necessary household items for ... Read more...

Summer Vacation at DACHA for 12 orphans
20 August 2021
Summer vacation at DACHA, the country house for children means: sleeping out of order, be outdoor as much as wanted, eat out of order. ... Read more...

Our July activities at the organization
31 2021
Involved people through social networks in fundraising to collect items and funds for the purchase of 15 suitcases of household items for orphan graduates, who will leave orphanage boarding schools of ... Read more...

Summer of freedom and joy 2021
25 July 2021
Nineteen children who deprived of parental care from the Berezhany state-run orphanage boarding lyceum received an interesting and meaningful summer vacation outside their school. Together with compas ... Read more...

Our greenhouse is making us happy with the harvest
14 July 2021
"Our Greenhouse" began to delight with its harvest of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, which are grown by members of the Orphans Future Foundation". Every day, graduates of our Resource Center strive ... Read more...

Loss unites people
06 July 2021
WE LOSE people, but we do not lose faith. Loss always unites people. Thank you to everyone who helped raise funds for the funeral of the orphan, a pupil of the Koropets boarding orphanage school Oleg ... Read more...

Kindness for prosperity
11 June 2021
Today, we started implementing the charity event "Bag of Kindness" within the Helping Hand Program for needy orphanage graduates. ... Read more...

Lviv open to children
02 June 2021
On the occasion of the International Children's Day on June 2nd, thirty six children of Berezhany Lyceum-Boarding School, Ternopil Orphanage, Novosilska Special School went on an excursion to Lviv Cit ... Read more...

Less candy - more attention. Change one life of an orphan
31 May 2021
In order to draw attention to the problems of orphans and children deprived of parental care of the Ternopil region, Ukraine and to involve caring people to individual support and mentorring, our Foun ... Read more...

Childrens Birthday Celebration in orphanages
30 May 2021
"Birthday" - not just a birthday party, but great attention to the lives of the children living in state-run orphanage boarding schools. Through the Foundation Program, people can show their mercy, ki ... Read more...

The best volunteers of the Foundation were awarded
07 May 2021
Fifteen proactive orphanage youth of the Orphans Future Foundation received awards for volunteering on behalf of our children and youth from among the orphans of Ternopil and Ternopil region, on the ... Read more...

Easter basket for needy families
01 May 2021
In anticipation of Easter, we gave light to 20 graduates - former students of state run orphanage boarding schools (including 15 mothers with 23 children), who needed support and attention under the P ... Read more...

Easter gatherings with children
29 April 2021
On the eve of Easter, 35 children from Berezhany and Nove Selo and 15 boarding school students, in a warm, hospitable atmosphere, tried, for the first time, to write Easter eggs, decorate Easter cakes ... Read more...

15 years anniversary of the Foundation's mission
26 April 2021
On April 26, 2021 our partners, friends, supporters visited Orphans Future Foundation to celebrate our little anniversary - 15 years of service to orphan children and youth. ... Read more...

Motivational gathering at the Resource Center for Orphans
22 April 2021
On that day, fourteen orphanage graduates gathered together at the Ternopil Resource Center to learn basic steps of successful life from successful businessman Mr. Andriy Savchuk, who currently owns m ... Read more...

Supportive youth on the way to success
11 April 2021
We congratulate our orphanage graduate Volodymyr who became a scholarship holder and participant of the Successful Start Program, which runs by the " Team", which for years takes care of or ... Read more...

Facial skin care workshop
02 April 2021
The Resource Center for Orphans hosted a useful and practical workshop on "Fundamentals of Facial Skin Care" for girls, the beneficiaries of the Orphans Future organization. Such a meeting was made p ... Read more...

Project "The Specials"
01 April 2021
In Ternopil city there are children with disabilities that teamed up with graduates of state-run orphanages to learn together and spend time for the benefit of themselves and their partners. ... Read more...

A holiday of dreams for orphanage children
31 March 2021
Birthday is one of the favorite holidays for most children. This is not surprising, because on this day a child receives the most gifts and wishes, has pleasant surprises and fun with family and frie ... Read more...

Helping Hands March Program
29 March 2021
Low earnings, plus rent, and if with children, without the support of mothers and fathers or grandparents, our orphanage graduate faces financial difficulties and suffer from a lack of food and hygien ... Read more...

"Shoes for youth and children"
27 March 2021
Shoes for our youth who are part of the Helping Hands Program of the Foundation. Thanks to indifferent benefactors Mr. Andriy Mazurkevich and Mr. Artem Slobodyanyuk from Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Vinnytsia r ... Read more...

Mykola's dream of having a home has come true
06 March 2021
A touching moment, as for any person, has come. Our two-month project "Let's Help Mykola with a Housing", which was part of our long-term Program "Housing for an Orphan", which began to be implemented ... Read more...

Orphan students received certificates for the Scholarship named after Eugene Glyva
05 March 2021
Today fifteen orphan students (ages 16-21) from seven educational institutions of the Ternopil region received certificates for The Hlywa Scholarship 2021 at Orphans Future Resource Center. ... Read more...

Orphans birthdays wishes
28 February 2021
Birthday is a special holiday for every child. Then their most desirable dreams come true. Orphans Future team has been implementing the Birthday Program for orphanage children since 2019. ... Read more...

"Affordable housing for orphan youth"
22 February 2021
The Affordable Housing for Orphan Youth Program helped nine orphanage graduates to have a roof over their heads during the winter season, thanks to caring benefactors and Hlywa Fund. ... Read more...

Eugene Hlywa Scholarship Competition 2021 started
01 February 2021
Orphans' Future Foundation Ukraine has started accepting applications for Eugean Hlywa Scholarships from students and youth from among orphans and persons from among the graduates of boarding school o ... Read more...

An Attention on Orphans Birthday
31 January 2021
Every month we give attention and care to the children who live in state-run orphanage boarding school system of the Ternopil region, Ukraine, thanks to the implementation of the Birthday Program. Eve ... Read more...

Christmas Workshop for orphans
15 January 2021
On January 15th, a great Christmas Workshop was organized for 19 children who live 24/7 in state-run orphanage boarding school which is in Berezhany city, 60km from Ternopil. The snow and cold didnt ... Read more...

Christmas Quest 2021
13 January 2021
This is the end of the Christmas Quest, which was organized in Ternopil from December 20 to January 10, in order to attract charitable donations to the Charitable Foundation "Orphans Future" ... Read more...

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