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Holiday events on St. Nicholas Day for orphans
26 December 2017
During December 16-23, 2017, the volunteers of the Orphans Future Foundation spent time and congratulated about a hundred children deprived of parental care of the boarding schools of the Ternopil re ... Read more...

Visit to Holland in support of orphans
25 December 2017
Volunteers of the OrphansFuture Foundation - Irina Vakalyuk in December had the opportunity to visit the WALO group Achterveld partner organization and present the fund's activities, as well as estab ... Read more...

The social charity action started "Invite an orphan to your family for Christmas holidays"
02 December 2017
Purpose: to provide orphans who live in residential institutions of the Ternopil region with family environment during the winter holidays Christmas and New Year. Duration: December 29, 2017 - January ... Read more...

Foster parents learn in the best interests of the kids
01 December 2017
During the year 2017, at the invitation of "The Orphans Future" Foundation and at the request of foster parents and the custodians, the governmental organization "Institute of Traumas of Childs deve ... Read more...

Teaching and learning about leadership and entrepreneurship for active youth
20 November 2017
Twelve young people, the graduates of the orphan boarding school were heartily welcomed to attend "The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training" that took place at the "Forest Garden" recreation cente ... Read more...

The football life of the orphan youth
18 November 2017
A new season of the Ternopil Football indoor League championship started in the city of Ternopil on November 18. The football team of the Orphans Future Foundation showed its willingness to take pa ... Read more...

The orphanage teens develop practical life skills
10 November 2017
Sixteen future graduates of Berezhany, Noveselo orphan boarding schools, and Ternopil orphanage have been learning to live their lives independently outside of the facilities during 216 hours. The vol ... Read more...

Orphan Children Explore Carpathian Mountains for the First Time!
19 September 2017
From September 15th to 17th, sixteen Ukrainian orphans and children from the Berezhany, Nove Selo and Terebovlia state-run orphanage boarding schools visited the Carpathian Mountains for the first tim ... Read more...

Providing Basic Material Resources to start life on their own
01 September 2017
Each year, 12-15 orphans leave state-run orphanage boarding schools in the Ternopil region and start life as independent adults. As never before, these orphan graduates need our support at this cruci ... Read more...

Camp OFFLINE, Summer 2017
28 August 2017
From August 20-25 2017, about 25 children deprived of parental care enjoyed Camp OFFLINE", organized for them by youth volunteers of Orphans Future Foundation, including: Coordinator Irina Vakalyuk, ... Read more...

Rock choir from London helps orphanage graduates of Ternopil region
05 August 2017
On August 4th, 2017, about two thousand people gathered at Ternopil City Central Square to enjoy the charity concert performed by the Rock Choir from London and at the same time support orphans of T ... Read more...

Catamaraning on Ternopil lake
26 August 2017
On July 25th, 2017, twelve participants of the youth club "Successful Youth" which is run by Orphans Future psychologist, Iryna Vakaliuk together with other young people of Ternopil city had an unfo ... Read more...

WALO Camp 2017
21 July 2017
From July 9th till July 21, 2017 a group of 7 volunteers from the Netherlands charity organization WALO conducted their annual camp at two locations for abou ... Read more...

Together confidently preparing for independent living
10 June 2017
In the period from March to June 2017, twenty-six future graduates of institutions from the Ternopil region aged 14-17 years (Berezhany, Nove Selo, Terebovlya and Ternopil) learned the necessary life ... Read more...

Annual Camp "On the Threshold of Adult Life" 2017
07 June 2017
The final 2017 Orphans Life Skills Camp was held on June 3-5 2017 at the recreation area "Red Kalyna", located in the Terebovlya District of Ukraines' Ternopil region. A team of Orphans Future volunt ... Read more...

An unforgettable journey to the capital of Ukraine for orphans!
31 May 2017
On May 31 2017, tired but happy and full of positive impressions, twenty four children deprived of parental care aged 14 to 17 years from state run orphanages of the Ternopil region returned home from ... Read more...

Bicycles from the Netherlands Brings Joy to Orphans
16 May 2017
140 bicycles from the Netherlands were delivered to children living in orphanage boarding schools in Ternopil region of Ukraine (Berezhany, Nove Selo, Ternopil, Terebovlya, Zalischyky, and Hrymailiv). ... Read more...

Orphans and their Mentors explorer Lviv City!
28 april 2017
On April 22, 2017 eleven children from Ternopil orphanage and their six mentors visited the ancient city of Lviv. The purpose of the one day tour was to get together the orphans and their mentors to s ... Read more...

Orphans Future Receives National Recognition in Kyiv
01 april 2017
On March 29th, 2017 Ukrainian non-profit organizations and leaders received national awards for charity work performed the previous year. The 2016Charitable Ukraine Ceremony took place at the Kyiv Cit ... Read more...

Orphans Future Annual Meeting
02 February 2017
Orphans' Future board members and volunteers gathered at the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans to summarize our achievements in 2016 and to discuss the plans of the organization for 2017. During th ... Read more...

Orphans Future Ukraine - the USA partnership
01 February 2017
During January 2017, Andriy Nazarenko, head of the Orphans Future Foundation travelled to the USA to establish further partnerships with Ukrainian and American individuals and organizations. The aim ... Read more...

Orphans Future team competes in the Ternopil Futsal League
30 January 2017
For the second consecutive year, orphan youth have formed an Orphans Future team to compete in the Ternopil regional Futsal League. In this way, the team popularizes futsal in the Ternopil region and ... Read more...

Mentors for Orphans
23 January 2017
A Meeting of Mentors who care about the fate of orphans was held in January in the premises of the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans. Over a cup of coffee, participants shared their experiences of ... Read more...

Christmas gift for orphans
22 January 2017
On January 21st, 2017 the Orphans Future team organized the charity event, Christmas gift for orphans for twenty five children from Nove Selo and Berezhany orphanage boarding schools. These children ... Read more...

Give a Child a Smile
03 January 2017
Before New Year eve, Orphans Future was able to assist the children of Zbarazh and Terebovlya boarding schools for children suffering from various medical condition to receive the necessary items to ... Read more...

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