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Annual Orphan Graduates Meeting
16 December 2014
On December 15-16, 2014 at the recreation center "Forest Manor" 15 young graduates from state-run orphanages participated at the annual meeting of the program, "On the threshold of adult life." The ma ... Read more...

Orphans Visit the Home of St. Nicholas!
15 December 2014
St. Nicholas Day is a special holiday for Ukrainians and it is a celebration of gifts and dreams. And what dreams the orphans have living in state-run institutions during these holidays? We all often ... Read more...

Family Care for Children as an Alternative to Institutional Care!
24 November 2014
80 thousand children live in state-run institutions of Ukraine and often, for unknown reasons. To solve the problem of the institutional care in the Ternopil area, Orphans Future has joined the Ukrai ... Read more...

Practical seminar "Learn how to write social projects"
18 November 2014
On November 18, 2014 the International "Renaissance" Foundation held a practical seminar called "Learn how to write social projects". The foundation hosted 27 representatives of the non-government and ... Read more...

Winter Shoes for Orphans
15 November 2014
Every winter about fifty orphans need winter shoes. Orphans Future pays immediate attention to urgent necessities and directs its resources to resolve this problem every year. Orphans Future makes s ... Read more...

Keeping in Touch
10 November 2014
To keep in touch with the children who currently live at the orphanages is one of the main priorities of the Orphans Future volunteers. A main mission in this regard is to resolve urgent problems and ... Read more...

Protection of Childrens Rights
14 October 2014
On September 30, 2014 there was a meeting of the twelve orphanage (boarding school) directors of the Ternopil region. The main topics discussed during the meeting were in regard to improving the educa ... Read more...

"On the Threshold of Adult Life" - Meeting with Orphan Graduates
10 October 2014
"Orphan graduates" is the term used to describe the young people who have finished their time of living in an orphanage, (which is often also a boarding school), and beginning a new phase of independe ... Read more...

'Discover Lviv' For Ternopil Orphan Youth
27 September 2014
On a warm Saturday, September 27th, 2014, twenty-nine orphan graduates, ranging in age from 16 to 26 yrs, visited the city of Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine, to learn about its history, cul ... Read more...

Leadership and Survival Skills Camp for Orphans
24 September 2014
On the weekend of September 19-21, twelve pupils from Berezhany orphanage boarding school spent three days at an outdoor camp in the forest. The children were taught basic outdoor survival skills such ... Read more...

August Events 2014
04 August 2014
The summer holidays are now over for children and students. Our children had a time of relaxation and refreshing and are now ready to begin the school year. ... Read more...

PArtnership for youTH training
10 July 2014
From July 2 to 8, 2014, three members of the Orphans Future staff, Irina, Boguslava and Andriy, were involved in a six-day international training program called, "Partnership for Youth", held in Kyiv ... Read more...

Leadership the key to success
17 June 2014
From June 15 till 16, 2014 fifteen graduates of state-run orphanages, aged 16-22 years, participated in a two-day training program called "Leadership - the key to success." The event was organized by ... Read more...

Final Camp "On the Threshold of an Independent Life"
06 June 2014
From the 6th to the 8th of June, 2014, the recreational complex "Red Kalina (Druzhba, Terebovlia District) hosted a final three-day camp called "On the Threshold of an Independent Life in 2014." Part ... Read more...

"Leadership is the key to success"
12 May 2014
Last month, on 11-12 May 2014, fourteen 17-23 years old graduates completed their training Leadership is the key to success, which was held at the recreation centre Forest Manor in Ternopil region ... Read more...

Support Ukrainian Orphans Leaving Orphanages at Ages 14-17
24 April 2014
In June, 2014 nine boys and six girls the pupils of the Koropets, Berezhany, Ternopil, and Nove Selo orphanages will leave their schools, which had always been home to them for the last 9 to 11 year ... Read more...

Easter Joy for Orphans 2014
21 April 2014
Easter is the most cheerful holiday for people all over the world. These days we all follow Christian traditions and do more good deeds for each other. So, from April 10 to 19, 2014 the Orphans Future ... Read more...

Orphans Future 2014 Quarterly Report
02 April 2014
During the 1st quarter of 2014, volunteers of Orphans Future conducted the following activities and meetings: ... Read more...

Preparing Orphans for Adult Life
29 March 2014
From March 21 to 28 2014, thirty two future graduates of state-run orphanages from Ternopil Koropets, Nove Selo and Berezhany participated in the life skills training workshop On the Threshold of Adu ... Read more...

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