Transparency in Philanthropy Award 2015

Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

Winner 2007 in Ternopil Region

Support for orphans from orphanages

These days we visited the orphans from Pavlograd, who are temporarily living in the city of Kremenets, for whom we collected the help that the children asked for four days ago, when we visited them for the first time.

And children's dreams have come true thanks to each of you.

The children happily met us on the street and were very happy with every gift they dreamed of: fruits, mobile phones, a kettle, sweets, sweet water, balls and many other things that you care about.

On behalf of the children and the team of the "Future of Orphans" foundation, we thank everyone who spreads our posts and provided financial assistance: Natalya P., Natalya Zagrotska, Yaroslav Zagrotskiy @Annya Knautz @Lesia Holyk together with @ Maria Maladyka and Maria from Mr. "Proshuto".

Warm pajamas and warmth in the rooms for orphans in children's institutions are now very important on these cool autumn evenings. After all, everyone dreams of warmth now, since the heating season has not yet started, and this winter, we will all save a little on heating.

44 children from the Berezhany Lyceum - boarding school and children from Pavlograd received warm pajamas and heaters as a gift.

The benefactors from Hope Church Dubuque, Bethany Lois shared such warmth

: 29 October 2022

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