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New Year and Christmas fun for children

Children are very fond of winter, and especially - winter vacation, which lasts almost two weeks. You can take a break from school days, sleep longer or lie in bed, go beyond the state boarding school. Children also have the opportunity to spend as much time outdoors as possible: sledding, skating or skiing, playing snowballs with friends.

Our Foundation really wanted the children from orphanages not to be bored, but to have a really great time, and when returning from school holidays, to have the opportunity to share active vacations with their peers. So, thanks to caring people, children from the Ternopil orphanage and wards of the Foundation under the program "Helping Hands" were able to go to the interesting film "The Great Red Dog Clifford". The children really wanted to go to the cinema for this film, and their dream came true, thanks to the philanthropist Alina Sagan (Ternopil). And the children really wanted to taste popcorn and Coca-Cola while watching the movie, such a dream was also realized by a caring philanthropist Oleksandr Dykun (Kyiv).

On this day, the children were waiting for another surprise, which they love very much, like all children - pizza with juice from the philanthropist Tatiana Chubak (Podolyany Charitable Foundation). Together with representatives of the Foundation - Irina and Volodymyr, the children talked a lot during lunch with pizza, shared their impressions of watching the film and how important it is to take care of younger friends of people - dogs.

On such a positive note, the New Year and Christmas parties for children were not over, and the next week these 14 children skated and snow-tubed in the open air near the main Christmas tree in Ternopil. But the children were most impressed by Santa Claus, who, despite the severe frost - 10 degrees, loved to skate with children, talking and teaching them how to quickly and correctly learn to skate. Such active leisure was organized by local residents Ruslan Kupriyuk, Oleksiy Sheika, Yuriy Dorozhivsky, Santa Claus - Oleksandr Khoma.

Due to the mercy of people from the International Host Connection for Children (USA), 15 children from Ternopil Orphanage and Brzezany Boarding School received gifts to have some fun while living in boarding schools during the holidays.

Also, 33 gift boxes of the Foundation under the program of the Hands of Help Foundation received long-awaited individual and practical gifts "Samaritan Boxes" through Pastor Volodymyr Kostyshyn (Ternopil). The children were just delighted to open the boxes.

The team of the Foundation expresses its gratitude to all those who did not leave alone orphans in boarding schools and gave their attention through the organization of "New Year and Christmas parties" in 2022.

: 14 January 2022

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