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Orphan Prayer Day 2019

The Orphans Future fund organized a tour of Galicia which was held in conjunction with the Orphan Prayer Day for 31 children, who are pupils of boarding schools of Ternopil region (from the town of Berezhany, Terebovlia, Ternopil and from the Novye selo village) During this tour they visited the Limpopo zoo in Medenychi, Lviv region. Also, children visited the Oscar dolphinarium in Truskavets, Lviv region.

That day children were excited and so happy. Moreover, they saw a lot of exotic animals which are living in the zoo by they own eyes. The children didnt know that such animals like white tigers, bears, white wolves, lynx, monkeys and hamadryls.

The visiting of delphinium was a great surprise for the children, but a month before they wrote some letters with their wishes where they asked to go there. I cant tell what were the children's emotions while watching dolphin speeches. The children were very impressed with the clever dolphins, who skillfully showed different tricks in the pool. However, most children have realized that the life of dolphins is not easy as they are in captivity and this upset the children

Our Foundation would like to thank the Directorates of the Oscar delphinium and the Limpopo zoo for free tickets for orphans.

This excursion tour was made with financial support of Khrystyna Tryhub and her friends (The town of Ternopil) and Real Men Real Style (USA)

We are grateful to travel operator Viki Tour Oleh Dereh for an interesting and informative trip.

The total budget of the excursion tour was 15 250 UAH.

At the initiative of public organization The Family for Child there was a meeting of representatives of the Service for Children for Ternopil Regional State Administration,

the Council of Churches, public, charitable organizations and media. Which was held in conjunction with Orphan Prayer Day (10 November) The participants of the meeting gathered in one voice to pray for the happy future of all children who do not have the love and attention of their parents.

Orphan Prayer Day is part of the Orphan Sunday International Movement and takes place annually on the second Sunday of November.

Exactly 9 years ago, the organization Ukraine without Orphans launched this initiative in Ukraine. Since then, every year, in one voice and for one purpose, people of different faiths pray to God and ask in their prayers for every orphaned child to have a loving and caring family.

: 11 November 2019

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