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Time Management

We continue to help teens feel the "rhythms" of independence outside of residential care. I realized that I should allocate time so that everything was in order. I shouldnt sign up everywhere, and then I would not have time, I should properly allocate my time for important and unimportant things. Such a feedback we received on November 2, after the third workshop on time management for 12 teenagers who are brought up in boarding schools of Ternopil region (Nove Selo, Berezhany, Ternopil orphan home), within the framework of the annual Program Around the turn of independent living.

During the workshop, young people gained useful knowledge and skills:

- how to use ones life time for oneself and self-development;

- analyzed different types of recreation;

- they were learning how to build a time-map to make more efficient use of their life time;

- continued to use public transport;

- independently made up a menu (for lunch);

- drafted a plan of action for the whole day;

- analyzed the students life;

- tried the role of successful youth in independent life.

In the afternoon, the teenagers took part in a quest to find out prices for food, washing liquids, medicines at pharmacies, household items, clothing and footwear prices, cost of leisure activities (skating rink, bowling, movie theater, pizza) during a visit to the Podolyany shopping centre. The children had written out the prices before going to the supermarket and then had the opportunity to compare with the reality.

In our experience, it is precisely such gatherings with the teens that are most effective for exposing the topic because an atmosphere of trust and positiveness is created during workshops.

The speakers of the workshop were Iryna Vakaliuk, head of projects and programs of the Orphans Future Foundation, together with Nataliia Oryshchak, the Head of "Rich&Happy" School of Financial Success. Thank you very much!

The program is being implemented with the assistance of the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil State Regional Administration and the financial support of the Global Fund for Children, USA.

: 02 November 2019

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