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Therapeutic camp for foster parents and children

In August 2019, the Orphans Future Foundation funded an event that has never been organized for foster parents and orphans of Ternopil region. Within 5 days on the basis of rest in the village of Grimaylov, Ternopil region, the therapeutic camp united ten foster families and twenty-six children from the whole Ternopil region.

"It has been an invaluable time and experience for us, and especially for foster families who need more than anyone to restore their mental resources," said camp organizer Ilona Trikoz, one of the founders of the NGO Family for a Child, with whom the Future Foundation orphans "cooperates and supports in their plans and desires.

The camp program included daily:

- Games for children;

- Sports and entertainment for children;

- Family games;

- Homemade and cooking classes for children;

- Workshops for parents;

- Evening gatherings;

- Parental sitting;

- Family photoshoot.

The camp participants enjoyed communicating with other like-minded parents and sharing life experiences. It was an opportunity to speak highly personal and to feel understood and supported. For each camp, he brought new acquaintances, new stories of families and new friends.

Parents were given plenty of time to relax and watch their children. A separate program for children was organized by the volunteers so that adults could talk and study. It was an opportunity to escape from everyday life.

The camp took place in a pleasant and casual atmosphere.

Thank you for your financial support:

OrphansFuture Foundation and Antonio Centeno from the Real Men Real Style Company, Natalia Kotsyuba, Lida Vorobiy, David J Little and imago hearts, The Church of the European Union in P. Komarivka, Kvitova, Grace Church, Jeff Olson and Bird's Eye Marketing, Inc. and others.

Thank you to the phenomenal photographer Iryna Bezkorovaina for the wonderful photos.

We also thank the volunteers, recreation workers and everyone else who participated in this project!

Maxim Trikoz, Ilona Trikoz, (Olha Sha), (Juliya Yakubets)

Glad we can do a good job together!

: 25 August 2019

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