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Foreign camp for children

35 children deprived of parental care who had been improving their health at Kremenets health resort took part in a ten-day summer camp with our Dutch friends from WALO Group organization from the 30th July to 9th August, 2019.

Such a tradition has been kept for over ten years owing also to our strong collaborative partnership with WALO Group organization, Netherlands, whose active volunteers visit Ukraine annually in order to share their camping experiences and make the holidays for children an unforgettable experience. The last usually look forward to such visits because they are in need of attention, communication, spending time together in a fun way, and what is more, they wait for the innovation, which the youth from a foreign country usually brings. Such cooperation between our organizations is crucial for us because it involves children and the better future for them wherever they are.

During the time spent in the summer camp the children received:

- 10 days of creativity and fun;

- 10 days of learning English;

- 10 days of educational games;

- 10 days of interesting workshops;

- 10 days of active entertainment;

- 10 days of sports competitions;

- 10 days of art work;

- 10 days of attention and support;

- 10 days of joy and laughter;

- 10 days of friendship;

- 10 days of magnificent rest.

Every child had an opportunity to dive into the world of the foreign camp created by the volunteers from Netherlands in such a way that all the children wanted to stay in the camp and enjoy every moment.

Most of all, the children were impressed by a huge Slip n Slide and face painting activities because they were able to transform into any characters.

We would like to thank the volunteers from WALO Group organization, Netherlands, for such an amazing and incredibly fun camp for children and unforgettable emotions during those ten days. Thank you for providing active support for the summer camps in Ternopil region for over ten years. We would also like to thank Volodymyr Yavorskyi, the active volunteer of the Foundation who had been accompanying the volunteers during the camp, provided translation and assisted in teaching the foreign language to the children!

: 09 August 2019

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