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Leadership Camp for orphanage teens

The Leadership Camp for thirty orphanage teenagers was organized and conducted on May 24-26, 2019 in the village Manuiky (30km. from Ternopil city). Thanks to financial support from Global Fund for Children the orphanage children seven years in a row are able to develop personal #lifeskills such as #communication, team building, #cooperation, finding solutions to difficult situations and more and more. Besides the hard work, the #children had a fun time playing games, soccer, volleyball and American football. at the last night at the #camp, we all had a barbeque with sausages and vegetables and at the end, the great firework surprised all us.

This event was also dedicated to the International Child's protection Day, which we all celebrate on June 1st. We are thankful to our volunteers for their hard work to make the camp a great opportunity for children to be personally involved in the participation and learning process.

Such events teach orphanage children to take responsibility for their future life.

: 27 May 2019

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