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Easter holidays in the family

Eleven orphans of the Berezhany orphanage boarding school and Ternopil orphanage, who spent Easter holidays in family environment of Ternopil region, felt the real attention, care, kindness and family comfort.

Such visits of children to guest families became possible thanks to the Program "Host a Child for Holidays in the Family", which our Foundation has been implementing for last two consecutive years in Ternopil region.

Thanks to this Program, dozens of children could see with themselves the Ukrainian traditions of celebrating Christmas and Easter, as well as a family and family life model, which is very important for the upbringing of children deprived of parental care. Since in "residential conditions" such things do not exist for children and somewhat distorted "imagination" about family life and low level of their socialization.

In addition, dozens of children found new friends, mentors, support and new families during the implementation of such a program, which is very pleasing to the Fund's team.

We would like to thank EVERYONE, who took part in the Program, and made a lot of effort and attention to invite the children for Easter holidays to visit their families, namely: Shentsy Natalia and Andriy (Ternopil); Cherkasy Oksana and Andriy (city of Terebovlya); Levytsky Galina and Volodymyr (Msanets village, Terebovlya district); Vasily Roman and Julia (Copychyntsi); Yarmosyuk Galina and Vasily (Lanivtsi); Freishin Nicholas and Natalia (Ternopil); Bednarskiy Peter and Christina (village of Bila, Ternopil region).

We wish you God's blessings and kindness to your homes. We are proud that we have such people with a great heart of goodness, faith and love for children.

Let's remember that only together we can do more for those who need it, and this is our strength.

The program is initiated and implemented by the Orphans Future Foundation team and through collaboration with the State Departament of Children's Service and financial support from the Global Fund for Children (USA).

: 01 May 2019

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