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Workshops "Easter Light"

Almost 80 pupils of Berezhany and Nove Selo orphanage boarding schools with great pleasure created their own masterpieces in anticipation of Easter holidays. So, on April 17th and 22nd, 2019, the volunteers of the Orphans Future Foundation visited children with the "Easter Light" charity initiative and conducted two important workshops: Painting (drawing) Easter eggs and Decorating an Easter cakes.

In order for the process to be realized, the professional masters explained to the children the traditions of the peculiar creation of the Easter eggs and the design of the Easter cake. In addition, before all start the work, all the participants prayed to have a clean mind to complete their work.

For most children, it's always a holiday when volunteers arrive to orphanage and teach them to do something interesting and important.

Communication with volunteers during work was also important for children. The children were positive, active asked questions and were very happy with such activities. Some of them for the first time painted an Easter egg or decorated an Easter cake.

In the end, the children were treated with delicious food such as bananas, waffles and chocolates.

We are sincerely grateful to the masters, Iryna Abramyuk, Mariana Yaremo Brevus, Oksana Gorishna, Nadiya Huda, who joined the Easter Light Charitable Initiative and taught the children the traditions of preparing for Easter. We wish them good luck and happiness.

We also thank volunteer-drivers Ruslan Davosir and Yuri Gruzin from Ternopil.

The cost of fuel and sweets was covered by donations from Real Men Real Style and the Global Fund for Children

We all thank for the indifferent heart for the welfare of children living in residential institutions and constantly waiting for mentors and good people.

: 24 April 2019

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