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"Me and my Health"

"I learned a lot about health and how to keep it right", "I understood how to properly clean my teeth and how to eat properly" - such impressions are shared by the participants of the program "On the threshold of independent life", after having received knowledge and skills during the following session "Healthy Lifestyle", which took place on April 20th for 15 orphanage children of the 8th-11th grades of Berezhany, Nove Selo orphanage boarding schools and Ternopil orphanage.

The teens worked with the trainers, Iryna Vakalyuk and Natalia Kotsiuba, who developed the topics of "personal hygiene", "dishes of healthy eating", "bad habits", "benefits of physical activities", "a healthy lifestyle".

Pupils took an active part in the training, so that they could fill themselves with the necessary knowledge and health skills.

We would like to thank our guests, Galina Vlishynska, Ruslan Babiak, Alla Rozhko and Petro Bednarsky, who shared their knowledge and experience on the topic of "health" and answered all the questions that participants of the Program asked about.

We are glad to inform you that for the sixth time in the program, the boys and girls alone and confidently managed themselves in the big city of Ternopil, where they selected a place for eating, determined the place of the training and how to get there, compiled its financial budget for the day as an integral part of socialization.

We would like to remind you that the Life Skills program which took place during March and April 2019 became possible by the financial support of the Global Fund for Children (USA) and the Real Men Real Style (USA)

Thanks to everyone who supports the programs of Orphans Future Foundation, as we give hope and opportunities for orphanage children and youth of Ukraine.

: 20 April 2019

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