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Financial management and time management skills

"I learned how to use personal funds", "I realized the necessities to plan my time, then everything would be" ok "to me" - the impressions we received from the training participants after the completion of fourth module "Time management and finance as part of the social program" On the threshold of independent life which took place outside the orphanage in Ternopil city.

Orphanage children of the 8-11 forms for seven hours developed practical skills in managing their own time and effective financial management, and learned to create and organize a personal budget, taking into account different items of expenses of a young person.

The children made independent purchases (lunch and snacks) and set the route for their lunch break (they chose cafe and shops and purchased for food without adults supervision.

Some children were able to analyze prices in different stores for the same products, after which they made their choice.

Training sessions were conducted by trainers: Iren Vakaliuk - a psychologist of Orphans Future and Ola Hilko from the Caritas Ternopil Foundation, who have experience working with this category of people.

In fact, this particular training module is very important for our teens, since the concepts of "time management" and "financial literacy" are managed at school by teachers, educators, directors, etc., but not a pupil that has a detrimental effect on the readiness scale student to independent life, after all, lack of practical skills.

We are very pleased to see motivated students who seek new experiences outside their orphanages in order to prepare themselves for independence and reduce their level of fear of the irreversibility of an adult's independent life.

Thank you volunteer Mykola Avhustovych - for valuable time, shared with students in the context of the Program Module.

The program becomes possible thanks to the Global Fund For Children Fund (USA) and support from the Real Men Real Style (USA) philanthropist.

Thank you for being with us and following our activities of the Foundation. Further there will be feats of the Program participants.

: 31 March 2019

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