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Experience of independent life: dreams and reality

"Experience of independent life: dreams and reality". With such topic our team began an annual social program "On the threshold of independent life" for orphanage children of the 8th-11th forms of the Berezhany boarding school, the Nove Selo and the Ternopil orphanage.

Sixteen children who deprived of parental care and live in institution will soon go to an adult independent life. Such a program contributes to the development of skills and competences of our children, which they need for full social integration, a successful independent life, and motivates students to make informed living choices.

This year, we moderated the Program and the children have the opportunity to leave their boarding schools and participate in the Program, which is based on training sessions involving trainers who have coaching experience and work with children and young people who are in difficult life circumstances.

So, the first start of the program went to "uraaaa" where about 7 hours, the students worked in mini-groups of 8 people each with coaches: Iren Vakaliuk at the Resource Center for Orphans (Chumacka 37) and Andriy Nazarenko - at the Youth Center Ternopil.

The trainers were able, in a trusting atmosphere, to talk with students about their subsequent life steps and motivate them to plan their own lives, visualize their future achievements, and define already personal goals for a successful future.

We thank Mykola Avhustovych, Liza Obelchak, Irina Bodnar, Volodia Yavorskyy, who shared their life experiences with their students, especially during their student years and the first steps of their adolescents, and have had interesting lessons with the teens.

In addition, this year, the program participants first began to choose their own meals for lunch and bought food for own money, which were given to everyone. Some children managed to save money. As in previous years, children continue to use the public transport in the city and communicate with new different people, which promotes their integration into society.

We want to remind that the Program is being implemented with the support of the Global Fund for Children and the assistance of the Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil Regional Administration.

If you want to join the Program, we will be glad to invite you.

We need volunteers who have the experience of success in their lives, which can be shared with our children.

: 04 March 2019

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