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A Working Meeting of Trainers

On February 5th, 2019, a working meeting of trainers, representatives of Ternopil public and charitable organizations took place in the premises of the Ternopil Resource Center for orphans, operating by the Charitable Foundation "Orphans Future". During the meeting the participants discussed the themes and the structure of the annual social program "On the thresholds of independent life", which is implemented on the territory of the Ternopil region, for the orphanage children of the 8th-11th grades of regional institutions.

In 2019, the team decided to modify the program, taking into account the individual approach to each child, the future graduate of the orphanage boarding school.

Reminding that this program promotes the development of the necessary life skills in senior pupils and allows them to "live" a real life outside of residential institutions. That is, the socialization and adaptation of children through the coaches and coordinators of the program.

Thanks to those who make efforts in the implementation of this program Volodymyr Yavorsky, Iryna Vakalyuk, Andriy Nazarenko, Natalya Kotsyuba, Yevgeny Chekushkin, Yuriy Mamus, Olya Khilko, Andriy Khrushch, Olena Borisyak.

Recall that the program "On the threshold of independent life" is being implemented with the financial support of the Global Fund for Children, USA.

: 05 February 2019

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