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Host an orphan in the family on Christmas

My Christmas holidays turned in the way I wanted - with a family - such words were said by our children on their way back to state-run orphanages after Ukrainian Christmas holidays.

Thirteen orphaned children were hosted in ten local families who opened their hearts for a good cause and invited the children to their homes for Christmas holidays (in Ukraine it is January 6-8, 13-14, 18-19).

Every child has learned about the traditions of celebrating the Christmas: sang Christmas carols, rode on sleds, played outdoor with other children and most important - socialized with other people and children.

The time in the family flew fast for our children and was full of warm hugs and individual attention to the emotions.

Our team is thankful to every family that participated in our annual program "Host an orphan on Christmas in the family".

The Host Program became possible due to the joint cooperation of the Orphans Future Foundation with Ternopil Regional Family and Child Department.

The design, print and distributing the program posters were funded by the Global Fund for Children (USA) and Viknar'off (Ternopil) organizations.

: 21 January 2019

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