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Orphan Youth visited the city museum - Lviv

During all day on October 15th, 2016 members of the youth club "Successful Youth" (coordinator Iryna Vakaliuk) and orphan students from vocational schools and universities of Ternopil city visited Lviv city as part of annual excursion program for orphanage graduates. The youth from Ternopil were warm welcomed in Lviv by volunteers of partner organization The Care Center for Orphans. Despite the cold and rainy day young people managed to get to know the beauty and history of the ancient city of Lviv.

Girls and boys were able to admire the charming streets and historic monuments of beautiful city, and some streets could smell the fragrant of Lviv coffee.

The youth visited the Garrison Church of St. Peter and Paul (Jesuit Church Fathers), who is considered one of the most iconic buildings of the city. The temple was consecrated and opened on December 6, 2011. Also, students descended into the cave church of the Jesuit Fathers - is the remains of walls princely era of the 13th century. Dungeons consist of three levels, some of them covered with earth. Here everyone saw the remains of household ceramics of 16th century, frescoes of 17th century, replicas of the ancient city of handwork. But the most interesting discovery of the cave was carved sarcophagus of the 18th century by Archbishop Nicholas Vyzhytsky.

The youth made a joint prayer for orphans and children deprived of parental care at the door of Divine Mercy. Considerable experience for the students was a visit to the IT-company SoftServe which is the largest global IT-company with Ukrainian roots and specializes in software development and consulting services.

Also students visited the Memorial Museum of Victims of the Occupation Regimes "Prison on Lontskoho" which is located in the premises of the prison, which housed punitive bodies of three occupying powers: Polish, Soviet and German. This is the first in Ukraine Museum jail. Struck by each student that occurred on the territory of the prison, and that really is the embodiment of crimes against humanity that can not be forgotten.

And finally, at the request of young people visited the largest shopping center in Western Ukraine King Cross Leopolis, - where everyone had fun and interesting time, made the necessary purchases and participated in trade fairs.

Orphans Future sincerely thanks to the Lviv Care Center for Orphans for their warm welcoming our students in Lviv and for financial support to Ginger Foundation (Lviv Educational Foundation) for such opportunity at the youth club "Successful Youth".

: 16 October 2016

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