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The Club "Successful Youth" has continued

Thanks to financial aid from the Ginger Foundation and Lviv Education Foundation, graduates of Ternopil area orphanages and orphan students have the opportunity to continue to participate actively at the youth club, "Successful Youth", which has been operated by the Orphans Future Foundation since 2015.

From September 2016 to June 2017 the club project coordinator, Irina Vakalyuk organizes educational meetings with young orphans, graduates of boarding schools of Ternopil region on the following module topics: "I individuality," "Me, we, they," "Me and love ", I have a profession" , I am the master of my life" Me and social rights. Besides theoretical lessons which take place in the club, there are available other recreational activities, including interesting meetings with famous people, culinary and artistic workshops, thematic meetings, cultural trips, excursions outside Ternopil, picnics, and visits to museums and theaters. All of these events in the club enhance the social competence of young people in the Ukrainian society.

Most the club meetings take place twice a month on the premises of Ternopil Information Resource Center for Orphans where young people can meet, socialize, share life experiences and have a good time with a cup of delicious coffee, tea and sweets.

We remember and are thankful that the Youth Club "Successful Youth" was launched in 2015 with financial support from ICF "Partnership for Every Child", and from September 2016 to June 2017 implementation of the club is supported by financial assistance from the Lviv Education Foundation and Ginger Foundation. Thank you.

The team at Orphans Future also expresses their gratitude for the help and support of the young orphan graduates and welcome caring professionals of different professions who come to the club and tell young people about successful projects and achievements and encourage them in what they can accomplish themselves.

Please contact the coordinator of the club, Irina Vakalyuk on 0966839013 if you are interested in supporting this very worthwhile project.

: 12 October 2016

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