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International practical conference "On the threshold of adult life: supporting youth that leaves care system"

International practical Conference "On the threshold of adult life," which was conducted by "SOS Children's Villages Ukraine" became a highly anticipated event for professionals working with young people, which leaves care system. Speakers and guests of the conference noted in their speeches the importance of the topic, and exchange of experience gave possibilities to acquire new knowledge and practical forms and methods of preparing young people for independent life in Ukraine.

Supported by the friends of Orphans Future, Elena Yaschyk (Kyiv) and Volodymyr Jonathan (USA), the leaders of Orphans Future, Irina Vakalyuk Volodymyr Yavorsky and Andriy Nazarenko, received an opportunity to join the conference during September 29-30 in Kyiv and got important experience about effective techniques that promote socialization of adolescents to adulthood. One of them - the test method temporary accommodation that enables independently without supervision guardians live in the apartment for three weeks. The basis of this method is evaluating and preparing of youth for independent living.

Studies show that the output from the care and employment of orphans remains undocumented problem.

International charity organization "SOS Children Village" has more than 65 years working in many countries (134 countries) and has extensive experience working with children. It has its own representation in the UN and constantly presents the best methods of working with young people, which is preparing for independent living. Experience around the world, proven over the years and adapted to Ukraine.

The leaders Orphans Future representatives were able to share a personal 5-year experience of implementing own annual program "On the threshold of adult life" in Ternopil region and its role in supporting children and young people who were brought up in institutions.

The conference will offer results to the Ministry of Social Policy, which is posted on the site "SOS Children's Village".

: 05 October 2016

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