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Developing independent living skills

With the support from the Global Fund for Children (GFC, USA), WALO (Netherlands charity organization), and in cooperation with the hotel "Ternopil" and cafe-hotel "Galicia", orphan students and those deprived of parental care have the opportunity to learn and improve the necessary life skills for successful socialization and living independently in Ukraine society.

According to the Orphans Future annual program, 'On the Threshold of Adult Life', which is conducted twice a month on Saturdays from September to December 2016, qualified trainers from Ternopil NGOs such as Christian Center "Success, Ternopil Youth Employment Center, Youth Development Centre Bridge" and volunteers of Orphans Future provide training seminars and workshops for orphan youth. They tell young people about their personal role in decision making, about effective ways of finding and getting a job, how to start their own business, about friendship and family values, human rights and duties of citizens. The training program provides students with free coffee, tea and lunches.

The training is a very important and necessary part of the orphans lives as during the meetings they can be heard through the sharing their life experiences and are allowed to expand the range of their interests, to get to know themselves and other people, to learn something new and useful for their lives, to be encouraged to adopt an active position in society, and most importantly to get the knowledge of where to find support in any life situation.

Orphans Future Foundation is grateful to the organizations and people who care and support such meetings and trainings for vulnerable youth of Ternopil region.

: 22 September 2016

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