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Orphans from Lviv city visited Ternopil

On September 10, 2016, volunteers of Orphans Future organized an eight-hour tour of Ternopil city for fourteen children aged 11 to 16 from orphanages of Lviv city, in cooperation with our Lviv partner organization, Care Center for Orphans.

The tour program was full of exciting activities and the warm Ternopil weather that day was matched by the warmth of the reception the Lviv orphans received from kind-hearted people of Ternopil, ensuring a memorable visit for our young guests. Thanks to the high level of support that Orphans Future receives from local businesses, the children could participate in all planned activities during the tour without cost.

In the morning the orphans visited the museum of retro cars, called "Retro Motorcade". Guides Voloshchuk Natalia and Tatiana provided an excellent tour of the museum with interesting explanations about the museum's history and the origins of the fascinating vintage vehicles on display. The orphans thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and were very pleased to be able to have their photos taken with the cars.

As an added bonus, the orphans viewed a special section of the car museum which was dedicated to the Ukrainian heroes of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This was a special photographic presentation titled "Winners", which was sponsored by TV channel 1+1 and was touring the major cities in Ukraine. This display was of particular benefit to the orphans because the 'winners' who were the focus of this display were those heroes who maintained a positive attitude to life after experiencing severe injuries and served as great examples of courage in the face of adversity.

After this the children were looking forward to visiting Ternopil Lake and enjoyed a unique opportunity to view the beauty of the city whilst taking an exciting boat trip on the lake. A guide gave them a short history of some of the city landmarks along the way as well as the history of this artificial lake created after the devastation of the Second World War.

The children were then treated to a delicious and hearty meal in the cafe "Two Geese", with extra dessert, followed by a walk through downtown Ternopil, where they could splash in the fountains and enjoy some of the carnival-type rides on offer in the city center. The walk in the park Shevchenko and park Topilche was especially interesting for the children. Here they had an opportunity to see rare animals and colorful birds at a mini zoo and had fun riding on pedal-powered catamarans around a small pond.

The park also provided a different and challenging experience for the children called the 'rope road'. The rope road consisted of a series of wooden planks suspended by wires passing above the pond. Even though the children were supported by harnesses, it was a new thrill to get across the pond testing their skills of balance whilst ignoring any fears of heights! A mixture of joy, achievement, relief and great fun were experienced in this unusual activity.

At the end of the day tired and hungry children enthusiastically devoured mountains of pizza followed by fruit and juices before returning to Lviv with wonderful memories of a fun-filled learning experience in Ternopil city and of the kindness and generosity of the people towards them. Ternopil orphans were in turn invited to visit Lviv.

Orphans Future is thankful to its volunteers, Volodymyr Yavorsky and Irina Vakalyuk for organizing this day for the orphans from Lviv. We also thank to the directors of the restaurant "Stara Pizzeria",and cafe "Two Geese", as well as the directors of the Ternopil Public Transport System, "Ternopilelektrotrans", the "Rope Road" recreation center and the center of national-patriotic education, "Horseshoe", at the vintage car museum for their cooperation in providing wonderful experiences for the Lviv orphans free of charge.

A special thanks also to the Lviv Orphans Care Center for the many years of partnership and friendship in our common goal to provide a better future for orphans in Ukraine.

: 13 September 2016

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