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Club "Successful Youth"

During the years 2015-2016 Orphans Future volunteer and psychologist, Irina Vakalyuk organized the Youth Club "Successful Youth" for graduates of orphanages of Ternopil region aged 16 to 21 years old. The activities of the Club took place through the program, "Youth for youth, know their rights, change their lives" (2014-2016), with the support of the international charity organization, Partnership for Every Child and funded by the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine and the benefactor platform GlobalGiving. The club was attended by twenty six orphan students living in the Ternopil region and over the course of eight months the club held 20 sessions of 2-3 hours each, including sessions aimed at increasing social competence.

Titles of the sessions were as follows: "How to become successful" included 6 modules: Module I: "I - individuality", Module II: "Me, we, they", Module III: "Me and the person I love", Module IV: "I have a profession", Module V: "Me - the master of my life", Module VI: "Me and social rights".

Participants had the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for full social integration and successful independent living They learned more about who they are and how to relate to others. They actively discussed and shared new impressions and experiences. The Club Meetings were held every Wednesday at the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans, which is operated by Orphans' Future with the support of charity organization One World Foundation.

In addition to theoretical training, individual members of the youth club tried their strength and skills in volunteer activities and gained valuable experience. When charity events were held such as "Orphans visiting St.Nicolas 2015" and "2016 Easter joy", boys and girls organized collections of donations and put together gifts for the children. They also prepared the rooms for the holiday celebrations, learned new skills of manufacturing products and preparing various dishes under the master classes which were held by Natalia Kotsyuba, activities coordinator from the charity organization, Caritas.

Participation in the club activities also gave the youth the opportunity to properly organize leisure activities. So during the eight months of club operation, students participated is such diverse recreational activities as rafting on the Dnister River, hiking in the caves in village Mlynky, excursion to view the historical sites in Lviv city and watching movies at Cinemaciti Ternopil. Each of the young people have unforgettable memories of their club activities, full of positive emotions and valuable learning experiences.

At the end of the first phase of the youth club activity all participants received certificates attesting to their participation in the life of the club, and the most active participants received prizes.

The Youth Club is an important and necessary component in the lives of young graduates from orphanage boarding schools. Here they benefit from the knowledge and experience of older orphanage graduates and gain the skills needed for successful independent lives outside the orphanage walls.

To support the activities of the youth club call +380966839013 (Irina Vakalyuk - youth coach) or make a donation to the bank account of Orphans Future Foundation or through our website.

: 10 August 2016

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