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European Knowledge Exchange, Moldova

From 2nd to 4th June 2016 Andriy Nazarenko a training conference called the European Knowledge Exchange was attended by Andriy Nazarenko, Chairman of Orphans' Future Foundation, and Vasil Hrynkiv, a member of the Supervisory Board.

The event was organized by the Global Fund for Children (USA) and held at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Kysheniv, Moldova. Eighteen participants from four countries, Moldova, the USA, Ukraine, and Georgia, had the opportunity to meet and share their experiences of socially significant projects conducted to benefit vulnerable children.

During the study, the representatives from Orphans Future were able to

- Discuss ways to improve the quality of organizational management for nonprofit organizations and projects.

- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of our own organization.

- Identify the needs and opportunities for our organization

- Develop a dialogue with other experienced organizations of Moldova and Ukraine towards the successful implementation of future projects.

Andriy Nazarenko stated that he was impressed with the project " Media School for Children " and that he was interested in conducting a similar project in Ternopil with our children.

Vasily and Andriy presented projects which Orphans Future had implemented for children and youth and received positive feedback in respect of the importance of programs to assist orphaned children being raised in the institutions of Ukraine. The Global Fund For Children provides grants to organizations which serve the needs of vulnerable children and adolescents. Grants are given for organizational development (including staff training, strategic planning, financial management, monitoring and evaluation) and their trainings are open to all organizations with similar focus to share ideas and experiences. These exchanges enable the organizations involved to develop new ideas for projects and to operate in more efficient ways to make these projects a reality and so achieve the best possible outcomes for the children we serve.

: 05 June 2016

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