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One World Foundation continue supporting Orphans Future initiatives

Thanks to donations from our Bulgarian partner organization, the One World Foundation Orphans Future was able to continue to operate the work of Ternopil Information Resource Center for Orphans (details here) which for the last five years was supported by another partner, World Orphan Project.

Over the past five years, dozens of orphanage graduates of Ternopil region have found a place for meetings, exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as for training, and to improve their social skills which is essential to facilitate the process of adapting to independent living. This center is the only one in Ukraine where orphan graduates can organize themselves to find their own employment, pursue educational opportunities and conduct recreational activities and also provides a venue for the planning and organizational work of the Orphans' Future team.

Without access to such a facility the orphans lose an opportunity of close relationship, support and mentoring with the graduates and their future could be unpredictable and more difficult. Thank you all for your continuing support of this project.

In addition to supporting the Centre for Orphans, One World Foundation responded to the request of children with special needs from the orphanage boarding school at Terebovlya, and helped improve computers facilities in the classroom. The donated funds went to purchase twelve units with higher system performance for computer displays and setting up a new computer classroom in the school. The administration and children of Terebovlya school sincerely thank you for the Easter gift which will help to continue to improve the educational outcomes for the children.

Orphans Future remembers that a similar gift of a new computer classroom was donated to the Zalischyky orphanage boarding school at the time of the St. Nicholas Holiday in 2015. Now both these schools conduct communications with the One World Foundation.

Orphans Future is proud to have One World Foundation as its partner and supporter. We thank you for your cooperation in providing technical and educational assistance to the development of the education of orphans in Ukraine, allowing them to realize their full potential and empower them to achieve a positive future life for themselves.

: 02 May 2016

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