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Easter workshops for orphans

Ternopil volunteers brought to life Ukrainian Easter traditions to the fifty-five children from state run orphanages of Ternopil region by conducting an exciting program of Easter arts and craft-making.

During the Easter holidays Orphans Future organized and held a charity event "Easter workshops for orphans." The event which previously took place at the orphanages was this year moved to other venues which provided a better atmosphere to give the children a better sense of the spirit of Easter and its traditions.

Fifty-five orphans from five orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil region gathered together in the city of Ternopil to learn firsthand how to make the traditional Easter arts and crafts that would result in wonderful gifts for themselves or their friends to remember this special time of year. They would acquire skills and develop their self-esteem at the same time when they would later be able to say, "I made this myself".

The venue provided by the Charity Fund, "Caritas Ternopil", was full of children, volunteers and guests. The joy, laughter and skilled work of artists created a festive atmosphere in anticipation of the celebration of Easter. Father Myron blessed the children and volunteers in their good work. Then all prayed for Ukraine and began to make Easter arts and crafts including Easter eggs with wax, Easter cards, beads, decoupage eggs, products made of felt and a lot of other interesting things. We are thankful to the volunteers from the NGOs "Young education" , Ternopil Center for Children and Youth, as well as kind individual helpers including Natalia Oryschak, Natalia Kotsyuba, Ania Boldina and others.

In addition to workshops, the children for were excited by a surprise performance from the staff of "Be Happy" who performed for the children a mini show with chemical experiments which really captivated their attention. The children really enjoyed being involved in the show and enthusiastically answered questions and actively participated in the show's experiments.

After three hours of the arts and crafts program, the children were treated with sweets which were purchased by Oprhans Future through generous donations from kind people.

Unfortunately, every holiday must come to an end, but the children returned to the orphanages having had a thoroughly enjoyable time learning more about their country's Easter traditions and taking with them handmade gifts that they had learnt to make themselves. More importantly the children took with them some wonderful memories of fun times had with people who care about them and value them as young people who are valuable in themselves. People they want to meet again. Because the personal care of these children is most important in their lives.

Orphans' Future would like to convey our sincere thanks on behalf of our organization, as well as the orphans to those who have made possible the charity event, "Easter Workshops for Orphans in 2016". This event was made possible by the generous financial support of several kind people including the Global Fund for Children and Caritas Ternopil who provided the venue and also by the assistance and co-operation of the Directors of the boarding schools and the Education and Science Department of Ternopil Region.

You all deserve our heartfelt thanks for enriching the lives of orphans in Ternopil Region.

: 30 April 2016

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