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Mentoring for orphans

Orphans Future's team of volunteers initiated a new and important project for every persons life - Mentoring For Orphans. In Ternopil region there are 12 state-run institutions in which hundreds of children who deprived of parental care have no personal mentor to guide and support them in their future lives. The advantages to these children's lives to having a personal mentor is obvious but there are also huge benefits to the mentors themselves and to the communities in which these children will later live when they leave the orphanage boarding schools to enter independent adult life.

During February and March 2016 people wishing to change lives by becoming a mentor need to register with Orphans Future to participate in the social project, "Mentoring for Orphans", which will be implemented during 2016-2017.

The project is already supported by Ternopil City Council which has been involved with project advertisements in Ternopil City. The main role of the Service for Children of Ternopil Regional State Administration and the Department of Education is to provide a special person, a friend, an advisor a trained mentor in life, for about fifty orphans living in state-run orphanages.

"Mentoring for Orphans" project has several stages of development with the first phase started in January 2016 through an information campaign, which as already mentioned, has been supported by Ternopil City Council with the printing and placing of social advertising on the streets of Ternopil City. The local TV channels TTB, TV-4, INTB and national TV channel STB broadcasted news and information programs about the beginning of the Mentoring project in Ternopil Region. Already fifty people have called the coordinator of the project in Ternopil region, Tatiana Bohushevska, to learn more about the project and their possible role in it, in mentoring a child from the orphanage.

The existing problem today is that orphans and children deprived of parental care brought up in institutions and deprived of family care and nurturing, with a lack of personal attention paid to their individual needs resulting in a so-called "emotional hunger" which in turn leads to personality defects in the children and the development of problems of socialization for these children in the future. Children who are at the threshold of adulthood face a lot of issues, which they cannot solve on their own. In the orphanages they live very structured lives quite separately, on schedule, and are not given any assistance in preparation for life beyond the walls of the orphanage, including the problems they will most likely encounter and how to go about finding solutions to those problems. Later, after leaving the orphanage, these young adults are so poorly prepared for their future lives that they cannot even begin to choose their profession because they do not know their capabilities, let alone have any idea of how to solve their problems. This lack of life skills mentoring and lack of self-esteem caused by emotional deprivation results in too many orphan graduates being trapped in lives of depression leading to the ills of alcoholism, drug abuse, crime and sadly youth suicide.

You can be the person who gives an orphan a new and positive future by being the mentor these children so desperately need or by supporting the program in other ways.

The Mentoring model is supported and developed entirely on a volunteer basis with no financial support from the state. In the Ternopil Region the Orphans Future Organization decided to implement such a project for orphans as our organization has for many years been working to improve the lives of orphans and we are very familiar with their needs, both whilst they are living in the orphanages and afterwards when they leave to start their independent lives. As a result of the work of Orphans' Future in improving conditions within the orphanages, we have developed a close working relationship with the various orphanage directors which is necessary to implement the project because the orphanage directors make the ultimate decision as to whether or not a child will get a mentor.

Please give serious consideration to helping this very worthwhile project become a reality in giving orphans a real hope to build successful lives for themselves which right now they do not have, and will thus bring long lasting benefits to the children and the communities they live in, and to yourself.

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: 09 February 2016

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