30 October 2022

Socialization of orphans of state-care institutions

Pupils of the Berezhany boarding school returned to their school, and the memories remained in these photos. The three-day visit was full of interesting events prepared by volunteers and trainers of the "Future of Orphans" charitable foundation.

Nine high school students had the opportunity to learn new and interesting things for themselves, get useful advice and knowledge during October 27-29.


Recognize emotions and cope with stress, what mechanisms to use if this happens in life. The children learned about all this and much more from coach Maryan Gevko

Maria and Iryna Yaremchuk told the children about the main stages of choosing a future profession in the premises of the Ternopil Educational Hub.

Irena Potishna briefly informed the children about the mission, tasks, and services of the TIC \ Tourist Information Center of Ternopil

Former pupil Vlad (20 years old) met with our future graduates, talked about his life after graduation and how he is coping with life now. He taught the children how to ride a segway, which the children really liked.

During the three-day educational and recreational visit, the children were once again treated to public catering establishments @Dobra Pizza in Ternopil and Friendly Restaurant "Mamont", which are our constant partners and friends of the children.

And the children planned and prepared breakfasts and dinners on their own. Also, the children drew up cost estimates and purchased products on their own.

This program of visits and socialization to pupils of care institutions "On the threshold of independent life" is possible thanks to the cooperation of our foundation with state institutions and with the financial support of caring people and businesses who will contribute to #development.

This time, Olia Dmytryk - 4,600 hryvnias - gratefully provided help for the purchase of products and the transportation of children. and the payment to the coach was made from Yevhen Hlyva's fund.

Since All Saints' Day is approaching, the children got acquainted with the traditions of this children's activity and prepared pumpkin freaks.

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