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Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

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Social Project: Information Resource Center for Orphan Graduates

Center Address: 37 Chumatska St, Ternopil, 46018 Ukraine
Center operated by: Charitable Foundation "Orphans' Future"
Major Donors: World Orphan Project (USA), Ukraine Charity (UK), Rotary Club of Rouse Hill (Australia)
Starting Date Center Operation: May 2011

Problems of Orphan Graduates for which the Resource Center seeks to provide some solutions:

Pupils who are required to leave Orphanage - Boarding Schools (called orphan graduates), and start a new life outside the orphanage, find it difficult to adapt to adult independent life and integrate into mainstream society. These graduates aged from 14 to 17 years are suddenly faced with problems they are ill-equipped to deal with, including housing problems and registration, completing studies at college or university, finding stable work and being able to eventually, adequately care for families of their own.

There is no state system of social support for orphan graduates and the pressures of economic, social and psychological problems, with no one to turn to for help, has led to orphan graduates falling victim to drug and alcohol abuse problems, prostitution and human trafficking and being more highly represented in youth prisons and suicide rate statistics than the rest of the mainstream population.

To counter these alarming statistics it is necessary to adopt a proactive approach of preventative measures which Orphans' Future organization is seeking to do in a number of different ways including through the establishment of the Orphan Graduate Resource Center where orphan graduates can come and seek help to find answers to their problems and be empowered to build a better life for themselves. The provision of access to information technology is an important resource for young people in terms of education, social interaction and seeking employment.

Services Provided by the Orphan Graduate Resource Center

  • free computer and internet access for educational purposes, including scanner, photocopier and printing services,
  • Library,
  • shower and laundry facilities,
  • counselling psychologist advice,
  • social services and employment assistance,
  • legal assistance with housing problems, receiving benefits and accessing relevant documents,
  • opportunity to discuss problems and get advice from former orphan graduates who have experienced similar problems,
  • provide meaningful leisure activities

opportunities to participate in

  • workshops and seminars designed to empower graduates to make informed choices in respect of career options, time management, financial budget planning, as well as health and family issues,
  • Ukrainian and international educational student exchange programs
  • charitable actions that help other orphans as an Orphans' Future volunteer.

Volunteers of the Center play an important role in cooperating with governmental and non-governmental organizations in providing solutions for many of the problems mentioned above in areas such as housing, legal, social and psychological and this partnership enhances the quality of assistance provided, to achieve the best results for the successful integration of orphans into mainstream

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