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Our Projects

Project 1 - Gymnastic Hall Remodeling for Two Orphanages

Project 2 - Temporary Home for Orphans

Project 3 - Greenhouse project in orphanages

Project 4 - "Book about me"

Project 5 - Computer labs for the children of the rural area state-run orphanages of Ternopil region, Ukraine

Project 6 - Woodworking workshop for students of Berezhany orphanage

Project 7 - Repair of vegetable storage basement in the orphanage "Maliatko" in Ternopil

Project 8 - Decent living conditions for orphans

Project 9 - Social Project "Happy Childhood"

Gymnastic Hall Remodeling for Two Orphanages (in process)

The Orphans' Future Foundation together with staff of the Ternopil regional state-run orphanages began realization of social Project on creation of gymnastic halls for the pupils of the orphanages. Presence of modern sporting halls (by an area of 80 kv.m), will allow the pupils of the schools to develop physically and promote the healthy way of life among yearlings. Implementation of workovers will be carried out by own efforts of workers and students of the schools. Everyone can join the project realization by donating funds with purpose "gymnasium for orphans".

Budget: each school gymnasium remodeling requires $1,250 US dollars

Project Timeline: January - September 2010

Needs: Replacing the floor, windows, door, interior paint, sports equipment, mirrors, electrical set up, etc

Orphans' Future Foundation, together with staff from the Ternopil regional state-run orphanages, have begun a reconstruction project for gymnastic halls at the Berezhany and Ternopil orphanages. These modern gymnasiums will allow the pupils of the schools to develop physically, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Work will be performed by the employees and students of the orphanages. Everyone can join the project by donating funds to Orphans Future (see the "Donate" tab at the top of the Orphans' Future website: Orphans Future ) with a notation on your payment "For Gym Renovations".

Our project partner is the Ukrainian construction company "ARS-Keramika"ARS Keramika Website

Please Contact Us for details & visit our Donate page if you wish to contribute to this project!

Photo 1. The condition of the gymnasium room in Berezhany orphanage BEFORE renovation

Photo 2. The condition of the gymnasium room in Berezhany orphanage AFTER renovation

Photo 3. The condition of the gymnasium room in Ternopil orphanage BEFORE renovation

Photo 4. The condition of the gymnasium room in Ternopil orphanage AFTER renovation

"Temporary Home for Orphans" (in fundraising stage)

Goal:To build or reconstruct a building which provides temporary shelter for 10-15 homeless orphan graduates each year. The building will have a Resource Center which will include a library, a computer with access to the internet & a printer, plus other basic services such as: showers, irons, a laundry room, etc. This Resource Center would be available for all orphans in the Ternopil region.

To start this project, Orphans Future Foundation 1st needs "Letters of Support" from prospective donors who wish to participate and become a partner in the project. These "Letters" are extremely important, as the local Ternopil government will not give land or a building for the project until Orphans' Future Foundation proves the ability to fund the project. .

The beneficiaries are graduates from state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region, who cannot afford proper housing after leaving school. These orphan youth will also be able to use the educational, psychological & job training services offered by the Home, as well as receive nominal material assistance as needed.

Please Contact Us for details & visit our Donate page if you wish to contribute to this project!

Message from Andriy Nazarenko: "If every person and organization that cares about the future of orphans could donate to this cause, the project will become a ray of hope for those children losing faith in better future. Currently, we have about 100 friends and organizations that support our children. To collect needed amount of funds every person could donate something at once or during the year 2010, as our goal to raise $150,000 US dollars"

Greenhouse project in orphanages (planning)

Goal: renovate existing greenhouses in three state-run orphanages in the Ternopil region (Koropets, Nove Selo and Berezhany) in order for orphans to grow produce for the children there, as well as extra to sell at markets. This would give the children useful skills as well as provide the orphanage with food and some extra income.

Budget for each orphanage greenhouse - $630 US dollars

Photo 5. The view of the current condition of the Koropets greenhouse before renovation

Social project "Book about me"

The Orphans Future Foundation has supported initiative of the "Every Child" organization and has began implementing a social project "Book about Me" in the Ternopil region.

The purpose of this project is to give every child living in an orphanage own story of its childhood through providing a special album to him/her which will be used to create "Book about me" and recording memorable moments of his/her childhood with help of the caregiver or foster family.

The main problem is that most children in orphanages do not have opportunity to lead his/her life story as they do not have photo albums, personal photos and things they could relate to in order to save memories. When orphans grow up in orphanages, they have only verbal memories that might fade and disappear over the years. Sometimes we want to gather with our friends in adult life and remember the nice things from the past, but these children are lacking such possibility.

Lets present the own childhood history to the kids living without real home and family in orphanages!

More details about project here "Book about me"

Media-partner of this project is Ternopil regional newspaper "Svoboda" which will publish each week a brief history and related photos of one child from an orphanage in Ternopil region.

If you want to take part in this social project, please write or call us at the Orphans Future Foundation!

Computer labs for the children of the rural area state-run orphanages of Ternopil region, Ukraine

Goal: to provide children of the rural state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region with free access to modern education technologies for competitive in independent life after finishing school.

Tasks: To collect finances and material resources to purchase and set up computers (one computer for 5 children) at rural area orphanages of Ternopil region. To provide additional computer classes for the children at the orphanages and monitor their skills level of knowledge.

Needs: New or used computers, laptops, printers, copy machines and scanners.

Computer class in Berezhany state-run orphanage

Computer class in Koropets state-run orphanage

Woodworking workshop for students of Berezhany orphanage

Period: April - August 2012.

Objective: Renovate building, which houses equipment necessary for various life skills required in independent living.

Budget: 3,625 US dollars

- Raise the needed charitable funds for this project,
- Install two windows (metal/plastic, 6 m2) - by April 15,
- Purchase materials for installation of new floor and repair of ceiling (suspended),
- Plaster and paint interior and exterior walls of the room,
- Install equipment and open the new shop - September 2012

Donors: Rotary Club of Ternopil, Orphans Future, Ukraine Charity,

Repair of vegetable storage basement in the orphanage "Maliatko" in Ternopil

Period: April - July 2012

Objective: Renovate vegetable storage basement to create the necessary conditions for safe long-term storage of vegetables intended for children in orphanage "Maliatko"

Budget: 2,500 US dollars

- Dry the walls and space in basement as much as possible,
- Install water-resistant covering outside of the basement,
- Pour cement plate around the basement,
- Paint interior walls and,
- Deliver vegetable storage basement for use - Summer 2012.

Donors: Olya Schechter and her team (New York, USA)

Warehouse BEFORE rennovation

Warehouse AFTER rennovation

Decent living conditions for orphans

Orphans' Future started implementing a project aim to repair dining room area of 23,044 sq.m. at Berezhany orphanage. There are 160 children deprived of parental care, aged 6 to 17 years live and study at this orphanage. The cost of the project is $4000 US dollars, and it is only cost of building materials, as workers and school students personally participate in the renovation process and want to create comfortable living conditions at their school. By March 15, 2013, we were able to collect donations and already replaced rotten windows with energy saving windows and determined ceiling. The school needs additionally building materials to repair the walls and it is another $1600 US dollars to complete repairs and facade repair interior walls.

The nice thing is that the students and teachers of the orphanages participate in the implementation of these projects to repair facilities. Benefactors personally purchase the necessary building materials and require all documents for report.

Unfortunately, from own experience we know that the Ukraine government has no money to do such things, so the task of philanthropists is to unite and assist disadvantaged orphanages and their pupils, because that is not their fault.

Orphans Future for the third year in a row implements these kinds of projects to improve the living conditions and education of orphans of Ternopil region. For example: in 2012 it was thoroughly repaired woodworking shop in Berezhany boarding school with financial support from Ukraine Charity and Rotary Club of Ternopil; renovated two rooms of psychologist and library, and in 2011 the fitness room and computer lab with five modern computers and a printer were established in the orphanages of Berezhany and Ternopil.

On behalf of students and teachers of orphanages we are welcome all interested people, organizations and businesses to participate in the implementation of social charity projects designed to improve the living conditions of children in orphanages in Ternopil region in 2013 Report will be provided to everyone.

With additional questions and suggestions, please contact the fund or Berezhany boarding school.

Social Project "Happy Childhood"

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