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Summer trip to the lands of Kamianets-Podilskyi
17 June 2019
To learn more about the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine, twenty students of state-run orphanage boarding schools from Ternopil and Nove Selo together with five former graduates, who are cu ... Read more...

Birthday Celebration for orphanage kids!
16 June 2019
"Uraaa, I finally celebrated my birthday" - these are the impressions shared by the orphanage children who celebrated their birthday in the months of April. Twenty Birthday wishes from six children's ... Read more...

Voice of Orphanage Graduate 2019
12 June 2019
On June 12, 2019, at the premises of Ternopil Press Club, members of public and state-run organizations came out with the solutions to the problems the graduates of residential institutions might face ... Read more...

Leadership Camp for orphanage teens
27 May 2019
The Leadership Camp for thirty orphanage teenagers was organized and conducted on May 24-26, 2019 in the village Manuiky (30km. from Ternopil city). Thanks to financial support from Global Fund for Ch ... Read more...

Forming a common vision of reforming the care system of children of the Ternopil region
16 May 2019
On May 14-15, 2019, in Kyiv, a seminar-seminar on the study of the methodology of reforming the institutional care and upbringing of children took place. The representative of the Orphans Future Foun ... Read more...

Easter holidays in the family
01 May 2019
Eleven orphans of the Berezhany orphanage boarding school and Ternopil orphanage, who spent Easter holidays in family environment of Ternopil region, felt the real attention, care, kindness and family ... Read more...

13th Anniversary
28 April 2019
Today, we are celebrating 13 years of #anniversary of our hard #charity work for more than 400 #orphanage children and 200 orphanage #graduates of the Ternopil region.Even now, when we have modern cha ... Read more...

Workshops "Easter Light"
24 April 2019
Almost 80 pupils of Berezhany and Nove Selo orphanage boarding schools with great pleasure created their own masterpieces in anticipation of Easter holidays. So, on April 17th and 22nd, 2019, the volu ... Read more...

"Me and my Health"
20 April 2019
"I learned a lot about health and how to keep it right", "I understood how to properly clean my teeth and how to eat properly" - such impressions are shared by the participants of the program "On the ... Read more...

Talking about a relationship with orphanage graduates!
13 April 2019
On April 13th, fourteen orphanage children ages 13-17 years old were learning about Relationship and Love, where developing skills of communicating with girls and boys and safe and responsible sexual ... Read more...

Financial management and time management skills
31 March 2019
"I learned how to use personal funds", "I realized the necessities to plan my time, then everything would be" ok "to me" - the impressions we received from the training participants after the completi ... Read more...

"From Heart to Heart: Celebration of the Birthday"
30 March 2019
"Smiling and happy on own birthday" the twenty orphanage children from five boarding schools of Ternopil region: Berezhany, Nove Selo, Zbarazh, Zalishchiki, and Ternopil orphanage were able to celeb ... Read more...

Healthy teeth healthy children
28 March 2019
Today, eleven #children from the Berezhany state-run orphanage received professional dental care at the "Dental Studio" in Ternopil. We are thankful to the initiative of the physician Iri ... Read more...

Education is the way to successful future life
24 March 2019
"I learned about the importance of choosing a future profession and the fact that I do not have to be influenced by someone, but I choose the profession I like" (the program participant). The pupils o ... Read more...

Developing communication skills
19 March 2019
"I understood the importance of communication skills in life"- such feedback we received from one of the participants of the social program "On the threshold of independent life". The future orphanage ... Read more...

Experience of independent life: dreams and reality
04 March 2019
"Experience of independent life: dreams and reality". With such topic our team began an annual social program "On the threshold of independent life" for orphanage children of the 8th-11th forms of the ... Read more...

To Students About Charity
26 February 2019
On February 26, 2019, the students of social work of the Ternopil National Pedagogical University named by Volodymyr Hnatyuk visited the Ternopil Charity Foundation Orphans Future. The students had a ... Read more...

"The child's opinion is a value"
19 February 2019
"The child's opinion is the value" - this is the principle guided by the work of the team of the Foundation "Orphans Future". On February 19, three representatives of the Orphans Future Foundation, ... Read more...

A Working Meeting of Trainers
05 February 2019
On February 5th, 2019, a working meeting of trainers, representatives of Ternopil public and charitable organizations took place in the premises of the Ternopil Resource Center for orphans, operating ... Read more...

Host an orphan in the family on Christmas
21 January 2019
My Christmas holidays turned in the way I wanted - with a family - such words were said by our children on their way back to state-run orphanages after Ukrainian Christmas holidays. ... Read more...

Sport Life of Our Youth
15 January 2019
It has been for the fifth consecutive year when our young people who graduated from state-run orphanage institutions are actively involved in football game held in our Ternopil region. The football te ... Read more...

Christmas Orphans' trip 2019 to Historical #Lviv
12 January 2019
When all children and families get together on Christmas holidays, there are children who deprived of parental care stay in state-run institutions of Ukraine without any opportunities to experience th ... Read more...

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